Vantis Guaranteed Golden Final Expense Life Insurance Review: 5 Key Features, Sample Rates, & How to Apply

Vantis Life Insurance Company sells guaranteed acceptance policies via their Guaranteed Golden final expense whole life insurance product.

Is it the right type of life insurance for you? Maybe.

Especially with guaranteed issue life insurance, you will need to do some research to figure out if it is the best policy type for your needs.

Below, we review the Vantis Guaranteed Golden final expense life insurance policy, sample monthly rates, FAQs, and how to apply to help you determine if it is the right policy for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. About Vantis and Their Financial Ratings
  2. Vantis Guaranteed Golden No Exam Life Insurance Policy Review
  3. How Much Does Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance with Vantis Cost?
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Guaranteed Golden Life Insurance with Vantis
  5. How to Apply for Life Insurance with Vantis

About Vantis and Their Financial Ratings

Headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, Vantis Life Insurance Company has over 75 years of conducting business.

Vantis Life Insurance company logo

In 2016, Vantis joined the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. Penn Mutual, established in 1847, has a long history of financial stability.

Vantis focuses on providing life insurance coverage to “hard-working Americans” with easy-to-understand products.

Financial Strength Rating: “A+” from A.M. Best

Interesting fact: Vantis partners with the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation to improve the lives of visually-impaired people.

Vantis Guaranteed Golden No Exam Life Insurance Policy Review

Vantis Life’s Guaranteed Golden life insurance policy is a form of guaranteed issue life insurance.

Key Features

  • Acceptance is guaranteed
  • No physical exam or health questions
  • Premiums remain level for the life of the policy
  • Cannot be canceled due to age
  • Builds cash-value

It is important to note that guaranteed issue coverage should not be your first choice for life insurance protection.

How come? Every applicant is approved for coverage, which means the carrier is absorbing substantial risk. Because of this, premiums are expensive and face amounts are modest.

That being said, if due to serious health conditions (perhaps you are a cancer patient), you are unable to qualify for traditional coverage, guaranteed issue can make all the difference for your loved ones.

Below we will review the 5 key features of Vantis Life Guaranteed Golden life insurance policy.

Vantis Guaranteed Golden life insurance policy review

Before making a decision on whether a particular product makes sense for you, there are five important features to evaluate.

1. Vantis Life Issue Ages are from 50-75 Years Old

Vantis, just like all carriers who offer guaranteed issue coverage, only issues policies to certain age groups. You must be between the ages of 50 – 75 years.

There is a carrier, Great Western, who offers guaranteed acceptance coverage to individuals beginning at age 40.

Further, Prosperity Life begins coverage at age 40 for a product that is similar to guaranteed issue, but with a few health questions.

If you are younger and do not qualify for traditional coverage, like 20-year term, look into accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

2. Policy Amounts Range from $5k – $20k

Guaranteed Golden offers policies for amounts between $5,000 – $20,000. Guaranteed issue coverage only offers modest policy sizes.

Vantis designed this type of coverage for final expense needs:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card bills
  • Funeral expenses

For this reason, you will want to confirm that traditional coverage is not an option, first. Term life insurance (and whole life insurance) provides face amounts that are substantially larger.

For example:

3. Guaranteed Golden Offers Instant Approval

You will not have to wait around for Guaranteed Golden to issue.

In fact, your turnaround time is typically minutes. Once you have submitted your application and made your first premium payment, your life insurance policy will be issued.

4. Guaranteed Golden Policy Never Expires

Guaranteed Golden is a form of whole life insurance.

Your policy will not expire and your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive a death benefit, as long as you make your premium payments.

Further, as with most forms of permanent coverage, your policy accumulates cash value, which is available for:

  1. Loans
  2. Withdrawals

5. No Health Questions Asked and No Medical Exam Required

As one type of no exam life insurance, guaranteed issue has the simplest underwriting.

Not only will you skip a physical, but you will also not be asked any health questions.

If you have a serious medical diagnosis or lifestyle concern, it will not need to be disclosed:

Additional Details for Guaranteed Golden Final Expense Life Insurance

There are other features to consider.

3 Steps to Purchase a Policy

There are three simple steps to purchase a policy:

  1. Choose coverage amount
  2. Answer key questions (typically online)
  3. Acceptance is guaranteed (policy is mailed to you)

Guaranteed Golden Life Insurance has a Graded Death Benefit

You should know that the full death benefit is not immediately available.

Instead, all Guaranteed Golden policies include a graded death benefit provision.

What is this? Your beneficiaries will not receive the policy’s death benefit until 2 years have passed.

If you pass away during the first two years of your policy’s issuance, your premiums will be refunded, plus interest.

There is an exception to the graded benefit. If death occurs as the result of a qualifying accident, the full death benefit is paid from the first year of the policy and on.

30 Day Policy Review is Included

Vantis provides 30 days for you to review your policy. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you will be fully refunded.

How Much Does Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance with Vantis Cost?

Let’s evaluate how much a Guaranteed Golden policy will cost.

Premiums are based on your age when the policy is issued. Premium payments remain level for the duration of the policy.

Guaranteed Golden Monthly Premiums Male

50 Year Old$21.46$40.66$59.87$79.07
51 Year Old$21.93$41.61$61.29$80.96
52 Year Old$22.44$42.63$62.82$83.02
53 Year Old$22.99$43.73$64.47$85.21
54 Year Old$23.58$44.91$66.24$87.57
55 Year Old$24.21$46.16$68.12$90.07
56 Year Old$24.86$47.48$70.09$92.70
57 Year Old$25.55$48.85$72.15$95.45
58 Year Old$26.28$50.31$74.34$98.37
59 Year Old $27.06$51.87$76.68$101.48
60 Year Old$27.90$53.56$79.21$104.87
61 Year Old$29.16$56.08$82.99$109.91
62 Year Old$30.48$58.71$86.94$115.16
63 Year Old$31.88$61.52$91.15$120.78
64 Year Old$33.43$64.60$95.78$126.95
65 Year Old$35.13$68.00$100.88$133.76
66 Year Old$36.76$71.26$105.77$140.27
67 Year Old$38.50$74.75$110.99$147.24
68 Year Old$40.37$78.50$116.62$154.75
69 Year Old$42.41$82.57$122.72$162.88
70 Year Old$44.63$87.00$129.38$171.76
71 Year Old$47.57$92.88$138.20$183.51
72 Year Old$50.68$99.11$147.54$195.97
73 Year Old$54.03$105.80$157.58$209.38
74 Year Old$57.65$113.06$168.46$223.87
75 Year Old$61.62$121.00$180.37$239.74

Guaranteed Golden Monthly Premiums Female

50 Year Old$19.29$36.33$53.37$70.42
51 Year Old$19.66$37.07$54.48$71.89
52 Year Old$20.06$37.87$55.68$73.49
53 Year Old$20.49$38.73$56.97$75.20
54 Year Old$20.94$39.64$58.33$77.02
55 Year Old$21.42$40.60$59.77$78.95
56 Year Old$21.93$41.61$61.29$80.96
57 Year Old$22.46$42.66$62.87$83.07
58 Year Old$23.01$43.78$64.54$85.30
59 Year Old $23.61$44.97$66.33$87.70
60 Year Old$24.26$46.27$68.28$90.29
61 Year Old$24.94$47.63$70.32$93.01
62 Year Old$25.65$49.04$72.44$95.83
63 Year Old$26.40$50.54$74.69$98.84
64 Year Old$27.23$52.21$77.19$102.17
65 Year Old$28.16$54.07$79.98$105.89
66 Year Old$29.52$56.78$84.05$111.31
67 Year Old$30.96$59.66$88.37$117.07
68 Year Old$32.53$62.08$93.08$123.35
69 Year Old$34.24$66.23$98.22$130.21
70 Year Old$36.13$70.00$103.88$137.75
71 Year Old$38.01$73.76$109.52$145.28
72 Year Old$40.00$77.75$115.50$153.25
73 Year Old$42.16$82.07$121.98$161.89
74 Year Old$44.52$86.80$129.07$171.34
75 Year Old$47.12$92.00$136.87$181.75

You can choose to make your premium payments annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guaranteed Golden Life Insurance with Vantis

Here are some frequently asked questions about Vantis Life’s Guaranteed Golden final expense life insurance.

Is this form of life insurance right for me?


First, you will want to determine if you qualify for traditional no physical life insurance. Rates are better and face amounts are available in larger sizes.

Second, if it’s determined that guaranteed issue is your only life insurance option, compare carriers that offer this form of coverage.

In addition to Vantis, we recommend you evaluate top-rated companies offering guaranteed issue:

  1. AIG
  2. Gerber
  3. Great Western
  4. Mutual of Omaha

What if I am terminally ill?

A terminal illness does not prevent from purchasing Guaranteed Golden, or any guaranteed issue policy for that matter.

However, keep in mind that you will have a graded benefit provision. Your policy will not pay until two years after its issuance.

Your premiums, though, will be returned, plus interest. So, in a sense, there is nothing to lose.

I need more coverage than the available face amounts. What are my options?

While you can’t purchase a policy for more than the available face amounts, you can possibly stack life insurance.

Stacking life insurance policies involves purchasing multiple policies to increase the cumulative death benefit your loved ones receive.

Is Vantis life insurance company good?

Vantis Life has strong financial ratings and positive customer reviews. In fact, they rated “A+ Superior” by the top insurance rating organization, A.M. Best.

Further, they are a member of the highly-rated Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.

How to Apply for Life Insurance with Vantis

There are two important things to do before you apply with Vantis, or any carrier for that matter.

First, connect with an independent life insurance agent. You will want someone who will advocate on your behalf. Independent agents will present you multiple quotes from the top-rated carriers, so that you have options.

Second, be prepared for your life insurance application. Conduct a quick needs analysis and evaluate your health/lifestyle to help your agent understand what type of coverage you qualify for.

Write down:

  1. Your financial needs
    1. Debts
    2. Medical bills
    3. Funeral costs
    4. Needs of loved ones
  2. Serious medical and/or lifestyle information
  3. Beneficiary information

To get started, fill out your free quote.