Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Review

Mutual of Omaha, a highly-rated life insurance carrier, provides guaranteed issue life insurance. In other words, you have a promise to be approved.

When your loved ones need financial support, your Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance policy can be there.

– Mutual of Omaha

Here, you will find everything you need to know about Mutual of Omaha guaranteed issue, including an impartial review and free quotes.

Table Of Contents

  1. Policy Review
  3. Fine Print
  4. About the Company
  5. How to Apply

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue

Before you move forward with an application with Mutual of Omaha, or any carrier for that matter, familiarize yourself with the specifics of the policy – to be sure it’s a good fit for you.

Keep in mind, guaranteed issue life insurance should not be the first type of life insurance you look it. Why? Policies are modest in size and expensive in cost.

It’s best for those who are otherwise uninsurable:

Wondering whether you might qualify for a life insurance policy other than guaranteed issue? Our team’s rich history of working with high-risk clients can help.

Rather than applying directly with a carrier, it’s best to work with an independent agent. Why? By prescreening, they will find the best company for you to apply with.

No two life insurance carriers are the same.

Let’s take a look at Mutual Of Omaha’s (MOO) guaranteed issue in detail:

*Subject to change

There are five important aspects of a policy to evaluate:

  1. Wait time – How long do I have to wait until my policy is issued?
  2. Issue ages – What is the accepted age range for this type of coverage?
  3. Policy amount – How much coverage (face amount) is available?
  4. Policy length – How long will my policy last?
  5. No medical exam – Do I skip needles, nurses, liquid samples, health questions?

Let’s take a look at how Mutual of Omaha’s guaranteed issue measures up.

Wait Time

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies are known for rapid underwriting. Mutual of Omaha’s guaranteed issue application process is no different.

Expect to have a policy issued within minutes of submitting an application.

Issue Ages

You must be between 45 – 85 years old to qualify for MOO’s guaranteed issue (in New York, ages 50 – 75).

All guaranteed issue life insurance carriers have specific age ranges.

In fact, most companies will not accept a guaranteed issue applicant until age 50. Great Western is an exception. They begin accepting applicants at age 40.

For those who are under age 40, you will need to wait for a guaranteed issue policy. In the meantime, be sure to evaluate all of your options for life insurance with no physical exam.

If you do not qualify – this is typically due to serious health complications – look into an accidental death and dismemberment policy until you are 40 years old.

Policy Amount

Remember, all guaranteed issue policies are modest in size.

Policies amounts (face amount) range between $2,000 – $25,000.

Due to the small face amount, guaranteed issue policies make sense for:

  • Outstanding medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Debt payoff

However, if you only qualify for guaranteed issue, some life insurance is better than no life insurance. And, you may have the option to stack life insurance policies – to increase your total coverage amount.

But first, evaluate whether or not you can qualify for traditional no medical exam life insurance. Policies are available in larger amounts and are more cost-effective.

Policy Length

Mutual of Omaha’s guaranteed issue policy is a permanent contract. In other words, as long as you make your premium payments, your policy will not expire.

Just about all guaranteed issue policies are permanent (whole).

No Medical Exam

Guaranteed issue life insurance is one of the easiest forms of coverage to qualify for:

Risk assessment, or underwriting, is virtually non-existent for all guaranteed issue contracts. Mutual of Omaha is no exception.

The simple approval process comes with higher premiums and only small face amounts (policy size), though.


Keep in mind, a guaranteed issue life insurance policy’s death benefit is graded.

What this means – if death should occur during the first 24 months of the policy’s issuance, a portion of your premiums will be returned – instead of the death benefit payment.

Mutual of Omaha’s graded death benefit allows for 20% of premiums to be returned. Many guaranteed issue carriers only allow 10% of premiums returned.


Let’s take a look at how much Mutual of Omaha’s guaranteed issue policy will cost you. Here, you will find rates for all ages.

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Male Ages 45 - 49

45 Year Old$16.75$32.50$79.75
46 Year Old$16.75$32.50$79.75
47 Year Old$16.75$32.50$79.75
48 Year Old$16.75$32.50$79.75
49 Year Old$16.75$32.50$79.75
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Female Ages 45 - 49

45 Year Old$14.00$27.00$66.00
46 Year Old$14.00$27.00$66.00
47 Year Old$14.00$27.00$66.00
48 Year Old$14.00$27.00$66.00
49 Year Old$14.00$27.00$66.00
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Male Ages 50- 59

50 Year Old$18.50$36.00$88.50
51 Year Old$18.50$36.00$88.50
52 Year Old$18.50$36.00$88.50
53 Year Old$18.50$36.00$88.50
54 Year Old$18.50$36.00$88.50
55 Year Old$23.00$45.00$111.00
56 Year Old$23.00$45.00$111.00
57 Year Old$23.00$45.00$111.00
58 Year Old$23.00$45.00$111.00
59 Year Old $23.00$45.00$111.00
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Female Ages 50- 59

50 Year Old$15.50$30.00$73.50
51 Year Old$15.50$30.00$73.50
52 Year Old$15.50$30.00$73.50
53 Year Old$15.50$30.00$73.50
54 Year Old$15.50$30.00$73.50
55 Year Old$19.25$37.50$92.25
56 Year Old$19.25$37.50$92.25
57 Year Old$19.25$37.50$92.25
58 Year Old$19.25$37.50$92.25
59 Year Old $19.25$37.50$92.25
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Male Ages 60- 69

60 Year Old$28.00$55.00$136.00
61 Year Old$28.00$55.00$136.00
62 Year Old$28.00$55.00$136.00
63 Year Old$28.00$55.00$136.00
64 Year Old$28.00$55.00$136.00
65 Year Old$33.50$66.00$163.50
66 Year Old$33.50$66.00$163.50
67 Year Old$33.50$66.00$163.50
68 Year Old$33.50$66.00$163.50
69 Year Old $33.50$66.00$163.50
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Female Ages 60- 69

60 Year Old$21.50$42.00$103.50
61 Year Old$21.50$42.00$103.50
62 Year Old$21.50$42.00$103.50
63 Year Old$21.50$42.00$103.50
64 Year Old$21.50$42.00$126.00
65 Year Old$26.00$51.00$126.00
66 Year Old$26.00$51.00$126.00
67 Year Old$26.00$51.00$126.00
68 Year Old$26.00$51.00$126.00
69 Year Old $26.00$51.00$126.00
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Male Ages 70- 79

70 Year Old$45.00$89.00$221.00
71 Year Old$45.00$89.00$221.00
72 Year Old$45.00$89.00$221.00
73 Year Old$45.00$89.00$221.00
74 Year Old$45.00$89.00$221.00
75 Year Old$61.00$121.00$301.00
76 Year Old$61.00$121.00$301.00
77 Year Old$61.00$121.00$301.00
78 Year Old$61.00$121.00$301.00
79 Year Old $61.00$121.00$301.00
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Female Ages 70- 79

70 Year Old$35.00$69.00$171.00
71 Year Old$35.00$69.00$171.00
72 Year Old$35.00$69.00$171.00
73 Year Old$35.00$69.00$171.00
74 Year Old$35.00$69.00$171.00
75 Year Old$49.50$98.00$243.50
76 Year Old$49.50$98.00$243.50
77 Year Old$49.50$98.00$243.50
78 Year Old$49.50$98.00$243.50
79 Year Old $49.50$98.00$243.50
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Male Ages 80 - 85

80 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
81 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
82 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
83 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
84 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
85 Year Old$83.50$166.00$413.50
*Rates subject to change

Mutual Of Omaha Guaranteed Issue Quotes Female Ages 80 - 85

80 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
81 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
82 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
83 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
84 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
85 Year Old$70.25$139.50$347.25
*Rates subject to change

Fine Print

Mutual of Omaha is one of a handful of top-rated carriers offering guaranteed issue life insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the policy – and compare to other carriers – to be sure Mutual of Omaha is your best bet.

Whole life insurance is designed to help protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of your death – now and in the future.

– Mutual of Omaha, Our Solutions for Whole Life Insurance

Here, we’ll recap some important features of the policy and provide further detail.

  • Your policy is permanent – meaning that it will not expire as long as you make your premium payments.
  • There are no medical exams or health questions.
  • You must be between the ages of 45 – 85 (in NY, ages 50 – 75).
  • Your policy will be between $2,000 – $25,000 – in other words, your policy’s face amount will be modest.
  • Policy grows on a tax-deferred basis.
  • You can access the policy’s cash value via a loan.
  • There are NO riders.
  • Your death benefit is graded for the first 2 years – 20% of your premiums will be returned if death occurs during the graded period.

Of note – Mutual of Omaha’s guaranteed issue tends to be more expensive than other carriers.

You may want to consider the following guaranteed issue carriers to cost-compare:

  1. AIG guaranteed issue
  2. Gerber guaranteed issue

About Mutual Of Omaha

With a name like Mutual Of Omaha backing up your life insurance policy, it’s safe to say you are in good hands.

In fact, A.M. Best Company (an independent financial rating service) gives Mutual of Omaha an A+ score.

Founded in 1909 in Nebraska and originally called Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association, Mutual of Omaha has a rich history.

Over the decades, Mutual of Omaha has worked to expand their products to meet Americans’ needs – including hospital coverage, group insurance, and traveler’s insurance.

Mutual of Omaha’s track record demonstrates their desire to expand and improve.

In fact, during the 1950s, their income tripled and they secured sponsorships and programs with:

  • 1950 – 1955: transoceanic telephone calls, called Mutual of Omaha Calling
  • 1955 – 1957: future Wild Kingdom host Marlin Perkin’s Zoo Parade
  • The Breakfast Club with Don McNeil
  • What’s My Line? with John Daly
  • Father Knows Best

In 2013, Mutual of Omaha celebrated their 50th anniversary of Wild Kingdom.

Interesting factMutual Of Omaha’s Guaranteed Whole Life product was just released in 2019.

Note – Consider Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express for a traditional no exam life insurance product.

How To Apply

Remember, Mutual of Omaha guaranteed issue life insurance might be a good fit for you once you’ve exhausted other life insurance options. But keep in mind, their product is expensive.

When you are ready, start by filling out our free instant quote.

That way, an independent agent will work on your behalf to find an affordable policy to fit your specific needs.

Be sure to have your important information at hand – including your medical history – so that your application is streamlined.