AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Review: Policy Details & Application Process

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AIG, short for American International Group, is one of the largest international life insurance providers.

Through American General Life Insurance Company (in New York – they use United States Life Insurance Company), AIG provides world-class products, including Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (GIWL).

According to American International Group:

The benefits from this guaranteed issue whole life insurance can lend a helping hand for your loved ones during a difficult time. – AIG, GIWL

Before you make a life insurance purchase, it’s vital for you to understand the key details of a product you are considering, in this case – guaranteed issue.

Here’s why – Every life insurance product and carrier is different. There is no one-size-fits-all life insurance policy. Your needs should determine the best company to apply with, as costs and features vary.

Goal – Review AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance?
  2. 5 Details About AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  3. How Much Does Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance with AIG Cost?
  4. AIG Financial Ratings
  5. AIG Guaranteed Issue Fine Print
  6. How to Apply for a Life Insurance Policy with AIG

What is Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance?

To start, let’s begin by establishing a definition of guaranteed issue whole life insurance (GIWL).

Guaranteed issue is life insurance offered to an applicant regardless of their health.

It should not be your first stop when considering a life insurance purchase.

Why? Think of guaranteed issue, and we mean this in the nicest way, as a type of life insurance product that is best for those who are otherwise uninsurable.

Guaranteed issue means your premiums will be higher and your death benefit lower than with other life insurance products (like 10-year term).

In other words, be sure to evaluate all of your life insurance options before deciding on GIWL.

That said, GIWL can make all the sense in the world for applicants who do not qualify for other types of life insurance. And, AIG’s GIWL is ideal in many instances.

5 Details About AIG Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

There are 5 important details you need to know about AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life.

AIG guaranteed issue whole life insurance overview
*Subject to change

1. AIG Has a Short Wait Time for Application Processing

AIG’s guaranteed issue whole life policies issue almost immediately. Most applications only take 15 minutes (or less) of processing.

2. AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance is Available for Ages 50-85

Policies are issued to applicants between the ages of 50 – 85 years old.

Note: If you are younger than 50 years old, be sure to evaluate the best no physical life insurance carriers.

Or, if you do not qualify for traditional coverage, look to accidental death and dismemberment insurance until you reach age 40.

Also note: If you are older than 50, be sure to understand all life insurance options for seniors before making a purchase.

3. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is Available from $5,000 – $25,000

Face amounts range from $5,000 – $25,000.

Keep in mind, guaranteed issue policies are modest in size. GIWL policies are often used for end-of-life expenses, including medical bills or funeral costs.

Important – Your death benefit is graded. Graded benefits mean that your entire death benefit will not be available until year 3 of your policy contract.

During the first two years of your policy, you are entitled to 110% of your premium payments returned, up to 50% of the face value of our policy.

4. AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Policy is Permanent

AIG’s GIWL product is permanent life insurance. Your policy lasts your whole life and does not expire, as long as you make your premium payments.

5. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Includes No Exam

Guaranteed issue means you skip the medical exam and health questions. No nurses, needles, liquid samples, or interview about your health or medical history.

How Much Does Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance with AIG Cost?

Keep in mind, guaranteed issue policies are more expensive than other types of life insurance – for the face amount. However, this type of coverage can be a gift for those who do not qualify for life insurance otherwise.

Quotes are subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Male 50 - 59 Years

50 Year Old$26.96$51.92$76.89$101.85$126.81
51 Year Old$27.36$52.73$78.09$103.45$128.21
52 Year Old$27.82$53.63$79.45$108.75$135.44
53 Year Old$28.22$54.44$80.66$114.96$143.20
54 Year Old$28.68$55.36$82.04$120.36$149.95
55 Year Old$29.45$56.90$84.35$125.17$155.96
56 Year Old$30.27$58.55$86.82$128.77$160.46
57 Year Old$31.00$60.01$89.01$131.97$164.46
58 Year Old$31.65$61.31$90.96$134.77$167.97
59 Year Old$32.10$62.31$92.31$136.78$170.47
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Female 50 - 59 Years

50 Year Old$18.92$35.83$52.74$73.93$91.91
51 Year Old$19.34$36.68$54.02$79.33$98.66
52 Year Old$20.00$37.99$55.98$83.93$104.42
53 Year Old$20.97$39.93$58.90$88.14$109.67
54 Year Old$21.84$41.67$61.51$91.94$114.42
55 Year Old$22.62$43.23$63.85$95.34$118.68
56 Year Old$23.49$44.98$66.47$99.15$123.43
57 Year Old$24.17$46.34$68.50$102.15$127.19
58 Year Old$24.86$47.72$70.58$105.15$130.94
59 Year Old$25.50$49.00$72.50$107.95$134.44
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Male 60 - 69 Years

60 Year Old$32.58$63.17$93.75$138.18$172.22
61 Year Old$34.77$67.54$100.31$148.39$184.98
62 Year Old$36.97$71.94$106.91$157.99$196.99
63 Year Old$39.08$76.16$113.24$167.20$208.50
64 Year Old$41.10$80.21$119.31$176.01$219.51
65 Year Old$43.08$84.15$125.23$184.61$230.27
66 Year Old$44.81$87.63$130.44$192.22$239.78
67 Year Old$46.33$90.66$134.98$198.83$248.03
68 Year Old$47.75$93.49$139.24$205.03$255.79
69 Year Old$48.99$95.98$142.96$210.43$262.54

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Female 60 - 69 Years

60 Year Old$26.01$50.02$74.03$110.15$137.19
61 Year Old$27.52$53.04$78.56$116.76$145.45
62 Year Old$28.90$55.80$82.70$122.76$152.96
63 Year Old$30.09$58.19$86.28$127.97$159.46
64 Year Old$31.00$60.01$89.01$131.97$164.46
65 Year Old$31.78$61.57$91.35$135.37$168.72
66 Year Old$33.40$64.79$96.19$142.38$177.48
67 Year Old$34.73$67.45$100.18$148.19$184.73
68 Year Old$35.96$69.91$103.87$153.59$191.49
69 Year Old$37.16$72.32$107.47$158.79$197.99
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Male 70 - 79 Years

70 Year Old$50.09$98.18$146.27$215.24$268.55
71 Year Old$54.59$107.17$159.75$234.85$293.07
72 Year Old$58.99$115.98$172.96$254.07$317.09
73 Year Old$63.12$124.24$185.36$272.08$339.60
74 Year Old$66.97$131.95$196.92$288.90$360.62
75 Year Old$70.28$138.55$206.83$303.31$378.64
76 Year Old$81.97$161.93$241.89$354.35$442.44
77 Year Old$93.20$184.41$275.61$403.39$503.74
78 Year Old$103.98$205.96$307.95$450.43$565.53
79 Year Old$114.31$226.62$338.93$495.46$618.83
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Female 70 - 79 Years

70 Year Old$38.26$74.52$110.78$163.60$204.00
71 Year Old$41.93$81.85$121.77$179.61$224.01
72 Year Old$45.42$88.83$132.24$194.82$243.03
73 Year Old$48.76$95.52$142.28$209.43$261.29
74 Year Old$51.83$101.66$151.50$222.84$278.06
75 Year Old$54.59$107.17$159.75$234.85$293.07
76 Year Old$62.38$122.76$183.13$268.88$335.60
77 Year Old$69.73$137.45$205.18$300.91$375.63
78 Year Old$76.60$151.20$225.81$330.93$413.16
79 Year Old$83.02$164.05$245.07$358.95$448.19
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Male 80 - 85 Years

80 Year Old$124.22$246.44$368.66$538.70$672.87
81 Year Old$127.59$253.19$378.78$553.79$691.74
82 Year Old$131.19$260.38$389.57$569.87$711.84
83 Year Old$145.08$288.16$431.23$631.29$788.61
84 Year Old$151.97$301.93$451.90$661.90$826.87
85 Year Old$158.91$315.82$472.73$692.70$865.38
Subject to change.

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Quotes Female 80 - 85 Years

80 Year Old$88.71$175.42$262.13$383.77$479.22
81 Year Old$90.69$179.39$268.08$392.76$490.45
82 Year Old$92.83$183.66$274.49$402.46$502.57
83 Year Old$95.83$189.65$283.48$415.92$519.39
84 Year Old$98.17$194.33$290.49$426.51$532.63
85 Year Old$100.53$199.06$297.59$437.18$545.98
Subject to change.

AIG Financial Ratings

AIG has been around for over 100 years and provides insurance in the U.S. and in many countries around the world.

Financial Strength Rating: “A” (A.M. Best)

AIG Headquarters
AIG Headquarters, New York City, New York

AIG Guaranteed Issue Fine Print

Take note of the following particulars for AIG’s GIWL*:

  • Multiple payment options are accepted: ACH (Automated Clearing House – direct payments from your bank), social security debit card, or credit card.
  • Delayed billing may be set up.
  • Premiums are always level: your life insurance payments will remain the same and never increase.
  • Included Rider (additional benefit to your life insurance contract): Accelerated Death Benefit
    • You have the option to accelerate a portion of your death benefit, should a qualifying illness arise.
    • 50% of the death benefit can be accessed if your physician determines you have 24 months or less to live.
  • Insured must be the owner of the policy.
  • The payor may be different than the insured.
  • A social security number is required.
  • Freelook period: 30 days.
  • Annual policy fee: $24
  • No replacement or conversion of policy allowed.
  • Not available to foreign nationals. 
  • Purchase limits: No more than $25,000 total, with no more than one policy purchased in a 12 month period.

*Subject to change

When Does Guaranteed Issue Make Sense for You?

AIG’s GIWL can make perfect sense in certain situations:

  1. You do not qualify for other types of life insurance.
  2. You need life insurance coverage for anticipated end-of-life costs.
  3. You are not in good health.
  4. You are between the ages of 50 – 85.

How to Apply for a Life Insurance Policy with AIG

Plan on doing two things to secure the best life insurance policy you qualify for:

  1. Collaborate – You will want to partner up with an independent life insurance agent (that’s us). Independent agents are not held captive to a particular carrier and will be able to shop the best no exam life insurance companies.
  2. Plan – Be ready to complete your life insurance application by having important information readily available. This can include:
    1. Basic information, such as date of birth and social security number
    1. Your beneficiary information
    2. Payment information

Once your initial premium payment has been made, your policy is active. The entire process can be completed electronically and take minutes.

Simply fill out our instant quote today to get started.