Fabric Life Insurance Review: Complete Guide

Fabric, a fairly new life insurance provider, sells policies with no medical exam required – to those who qualify – via a digital platform.

We are committed to bringing life insurance into the modern age with an experience that is fast, affordable, and easy to navigate.

– Meet Fabric

Is Fabric a good fit for you?

Here, you will find everything you need to know about Fabric – their products, application process, and quotes – so you can decide whether or not they meet your life insurance needs.

Table Of Contents

  1. About Fabric
  2. Term
  3. Accidental Death
  4. Application Process
  6. Competitors
  7. Next Steps

About Fabric


Launched in 2017 by Adam Erlebacher and Steven Surgnier, Fabric is a start-up fintech company.

Fabric is not a life insurance company.

Instead, Fabric is an insurance agency that provides an online purchasing platform for Vantis life insurance policies.

What does that mean? Life insurance shoppers find, apply for, and secure coverage through Fabric’s digital technology. But, Vantis Life provides the actual policy.

While countless forms of insurance exist, Fabric sells two specific types:

  1. Term
  2. Accident

Additionally, two free services are offered by Fabric:

  1. Wills
  2. Vault – a financial security product to organize families’ finances

Fabric is headquartered out of Brooklyn, New York.

Accredited since July 2019 with the Better Business Bureau, Fabric has an A+ BBB Rating.

Fabric Term Life Insurance

Let’s consider the specific components of their term life insurance policy – referred to as Fabric Premium.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with five important policy features before applying for coverage.

  1. Wait time – the turnaround time for your policy’s issuance.
  2. Issue ages – the age range the carrier is willing to insure.
  3. Policy amount – how much life insurance you can buy (aka face amount).
  4. Policy length – how long your life insurance policy will last.
  5. No medical exam – the exact underwriting process that (possibly) skips the paramedical exam.

How does Fabric measure up?

Wait Time

Fabric issues policies quickly.

In fact, if you qualify to skip the medical exam, Fabric states, “it can take as little as 10 minutes“.

However, the wait time could be significantly longer if you are required to take a medical exam. In that case, plan on the wait time ballooning up to weeks.

Note – some no physical life insurance carriers never require a medical exam. Their wait times are consistent:

Keep in mind – Fabric only represents one life insurance company (Vantis), meaning that you will not receive multiple quotes to choose from.

Issue Ages

Fabric issues term life insurance to applicants between the ages of 25 – 60.

Many no exam life insurance companies accept a larger age range.

For example, Foresters age range is 18 – 80 years old.

If you are a senior citizen, evaluate all of your options for no exam life insurance for seniors. Life insurance needs change as we age and you’ll want to be informed.

Policy Amount

Referred to as face amount, Fabric offers no exam term policies for $100,000 – $1,000,000.

Life insurance isn’t for you. It’s for your family.

– Fabric

While some coverage is better than none at all, it’s best to purchase enough coverage to meet the longterm financial needs of your loved ones.

Often, life insurance needs are higher than originally anticipated. At a minimum, you’ll want at least 10 times your annual salary.

Fabric focuses on coverage for new parents. Most young families need at least $500,000 of life insurance, and often more.

Policy Length

Fabric’s term life insurance is offered in 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year terms.

Your policy should last as long as the needs of your family.

If you’re younger, consider a substantial term length – even a 30-year term policy.

No Medical Exam

No exam life insurance is a phrase used to describe different forms of underwriting (the process of assessing an applicant’s risk).

Especially if you are set on not undergoing a physical, you’ll want to be aware of the specific type of no exam underwriting a carrier uses.

Fabric, for instance, uses accelerated underwriting. While there is the potential to skip a medical examination, it’s not for certain.

In other words – Fabric will ask you a series of health-related questions in order to determine if you qualify to skip the exam.

For a true no exam (always skips the physical) underwriting process, we recommend you take a look at our top-rated no physical life insurance companies.

Fabric Accidental Death

Fabric also offers an accidental death policy – referred to as Fabric Instant.

Accidental death insurance ONLY pays a benefit if you die as the result of a qualifying accident.

Let’s cover the five important features of Fabric’s accidental death life insurance (Fabric Instant).

Wait Time

Fabric Instant is lightning- fast.

Covered in under 2 minutes.

– Fabric

Because an accidental death and dismemberment application is simple and straightforward, Fabric Instant’s turnaround time is merely a couple of minutes.

Issue Ages

You can purchase accidental death insurance if you are between the ages of 25 – 50.

Keep in mind, your biggest risk of dying between the ages of 25 – 44 is an accident.

Note – if you are between the ages of 50 – 80, Fabric’s parent company, Vantis, offers a guaranteed issue policy, called Golden Guaranteed.

Policy Length

An accidental death policy through Fabric Instant does not have specific term lengths but always expires at age 60.

Policy Amount

You can purchase an accidental death policy for $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000.

Remember, your beneficiary will only receive the death benefit if your death occurs as a result of a qualifying accident.

No Medical Exam

Fabric Instant is guaranteed to be issued.

You will have zero medical underwriting – no needles, nurses or liquid samples. There are no health questions, too.

Fabric Instant Requirements

It’s important to note that Fabric Instant does NOT cover disability as the result of an accident.

In other words, should you lose a limb or your sight from an accident, your Fabric Instant policy will not pay you. Other accidental death and dismemberment policies DO cover disability.

Only death as a result of a qualifying accident will pay a benefit. Let’s say cancer is the cause of death – the policy will not pay your beneficiary.

Additionally, while specifics vary by state, there are some key exclusions to note. If death occurs as the result of any of the following, your Fabric Instant policy will not pay:

  • During incarceration or while committing a crime.
  • If under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • While riding a vehicle not intended for public roads.
  • During military training exercises.
  • Participation in professional sports.
  • During an act of war.
  • Participation in extreme sports.
  • If involved in private aeronautics (commercial flights are okay).
  • Participation in a riot.

Bottom line – accidental death coverage is highly affordable because it only pays under specific circumstances.

Fabric Application Process

Let’s take a closer look at the digital process for securing a Fabric policy.

The steps are different for the Fabric Premium (term) and Fabric Instant (accidental death) contracts.

Fabric Premium

Term life insurance.

Fabric’s completely online application for term coverage looks like this (steps may vary based on your answers):

  1. Fabric states that their policies are issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company (established in 1942, rated A+ by A.M. Best)
  2. How old are you?
  3. What’s your family situation?
    1. Baby on the way
    2. Kids under 18
    3. Other financial dependents
    4. None of these
  4. Do you have any major debts?
    1. Student loans
    2. Mortgage
    3. Credit card debt
    4. Other debts
    5. None of these
  5. Do you currently have life insurance?
  6. How much life insurance coverage would you like?
  7. What state do you live in?
  8. In the past three years have you or do you intend in the next two years:
    1. To pilot an aircraft (other than commercial or corporate aviation)?
    2. To engage in any of the following: sky sports, underwater sports (greater than 100 feet), climbing sports (greater than 5.0 difficulty), motor traveling in excess of 100 mph, bungee jumping, heli-skiing, hang gliding, sky diving, parachuting, or base jumping?
  9. Have you used tobacco products in any form in the past 5 years?
  10. In the next 12 months, do you intend to live or travel outside of the U.S. or Canada?
  11. In the last 10 years, have you been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, are you currently on parole or incarcerated in a correctional institution?
  12. In the last 10 years, have you been convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or do you currently have a revoked or suspended license?
  13. In the last three years, have you pled guilty or been convicted of three or more moving violations?
  14. Gender
  15. Birthdate
  16. Current height and weight
  17. Has your weight changed more than 10 pounds within the last year?
  18. Are you currently disabled?
  19. Have you collected disability benefits in the last two years?
  20. Are you currently confined to a hospital, nursing home, psychiatric facility or currently receiving home health care/assisted living care?
  21. Have you ever been declined, postponed, or offered rated life or health insurance, or been denied a reinstatement, reissue or renewal for life or health insurance?
  22. In the past 10 years, have you been diagnosed with or treated for any of the following:
    1. Disease of heart, blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart murmur, coronary artery disease, chest pain, palpitation, or other abnormal heart rate or rhythm or heart attack?
    2. Disease or disorder of lungs, nose, sinus, or throat, including asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cough, shortness of break, or sleep disorder/apnea?
    3. Disorder of disease of the pancreas, esophagus, stomach, or intestinal tract including abdominal pain or internal bleeding, ulcer, or jaundice?
    4. Disease of the kidney, urinary bladder, liver or gall bladder, prostate, or protein, blood or sugar in the urine?
    5. Disorder or disease of the brain or nervous system including headache, dizziness, epilepsy or seizures, paralysis, stroke, depression, mental illness, or anxiety?
    6. Diabetes, thyroid condition, or other glandular disorder or gout?
    7. Disorder of the skin, lymph glands, muscles, bones, joints, arthritis, or back disorder?
    8. Disorder of the eye or ear, or any impaired sight or hearing?
    9. Tumor, cancer, anemia, or blood disorder?
    10. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex (ARC), or AIDS-related conditions?
  23. Have you ever:
    1. Been treated or counseled for alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or addiction?
    2. Used amphetamines, heroin, narcotics, barbiturates, cocaine, hallucinogens, cannabis, or any drugs except prescribed by a physician?
    3. Had a positive result on a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) test administered by a member of the medical profession?
  24. Other than the above, are you now under observation or receiving treatment or counseling by a medical professional?
  25. Do you have a regular personal physician?
  26. Has a biological parent or sibling of yours died or been diagnosed or treated by a licensed member of the medical profession with heart disease, stroke, or cancer prior to age 60?
  27. Are you currently employed?
  28. Occupation
  29. Annual income
  30. Employer name
  31. Do you have existing life insurance or annuity contracts in force?
  32. Do you have any applications for life insurance now pending?
  33. Do you intend to replace, discontinue, or change any existing life insurance or annuity contracts with the applied-for policy?
  34. What is the purpose of insurance?
  35. Do you have a valid driver’s license?
  36. Are you a U.S. citizen?
  37. Social Security number
  38. Full name
  39. Address

You are asked all of these questions by Fabric because they need to understand how much risk you pose before offering coverage.

Fabric Instant

Accidental death insurance.

Fabric’s accidental death policy has a rapid application process.

Fabric Instant is a form of guaranteed issue coverage. Your application is simple:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Social Security number
  6. Payment information
  7. Beneficiary information

Clearly, Fabric Instant takes a fraction of the amount of time as Fabric Premium. Remember, though, only qualifying accidents pay a death benefit.

Fabric Quotes

Here, you’ll find sample rates. Keep in mind, quotes are samples only. Your specific rate may vary.

Fabric Premium

Remember, Fabric Premium is term life insurance.

Below are sample quotes for a healthy, non-tobacco individual for a 10-term life insurance policy.

Fabric Premium Quotes Male

25 Year Old$10.20$15.63$25.90
30 Year Old$10.78$16.25$26.19
35 Year Old$11.37$16.88$26.48
40 Year Old$12.58$23.60$39.85
45 Year Old$13.79$30.32$53.21
50 Year Old$18.92$53.04$96.64
55 Year Old$24.06$75.76$140.07
60 Year Old $35.14$146.43$274.31
10-year term. Samples only. Non-tobacco rates.

Fabric Premium Quotes Female

25 Year Old$9.36$14.37$21.89
30 Year Old$9.78$15.00$22.31
35 Year Old$10.20$15.63$22.72
40 Year Old$11.12$21.26$34.63
45 Year Old$12.03$26.90$46.53
50 Year Old$15.71$41.10$75.39
55 Year Old$19.38$55.30$104.24
60 Year Old $23.73$93.81$174.33
10-year term. Samples only. Non-tobacco rates.

Fabric Instant

Fabric Instant is accidental death insurance.

Fabric Instant accidental death insurance is guaranteed issue for anyone 25 to 50 years old. 

Rates look the same on Fabric’s quoting tool, regardless of age, gender or tobacco status.

Fabric Instant Quotes

Monthly Cost$6.00$15.00$30.00


Fabric is one of many digital life insurance startups that have recently come on the scene.

  1. Ethos
  2. Lifefy
  3. Bestow
  4. Ladder
  5. Haven

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of each startup to gain a clear understanding of what they offer – and what the don’t.

Digital Life Insurance Providers

Company NameCarrier RelationshipFace AmountAge RangeTerm LengthMedical ExamOther Products
EthosAssurity and Banner$25,000 - $10 million18 - 75 years10, 15, 20, 30 yearsPossiblyNA
FabricVantis$100,000 - $1 million25 - 60 years10, 15, 20 yearsPossiblyAccidental Death
LifefySBLI$50,000 - $350,00018 - 60 years10, 15, 20 yearsNeverGuaranteed Issue
BestowNorth American$50,000 - $1 million21 - 55 years2, 10, 20 yearsNeverNA
LadderFidelity$100,000 - $8 million20 - 60 years10, 15, 20, 25, 30 yearsPossiblyNA
HavenMassMutual$100,000 - $3 million18 - 64 years10, 15, 20, 30 yearsPossiblyNA

Next Steps

Before applying for a life insurance policy, whether with Fabric or another company, we recommend you do two things.

  1. Consult an independent agent. It is best to evaluate multiple companies and multiple quotes to fully understand your life insurance options. Every company (and their rates!) is different.
  2. Conduct a needs analysis. When you understand your life insurance needs, you can easily communicate how much coverage (and for how long) you need.
    1. Annual salary and years until retirement
    2. Financial needs of loved ones
    3. Debt amount
    4. Monthly living costs
    5. Future monetary plans

To begin, fill out your free instant quote.