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Sagicor Life Insurance is one of the best no medical exam life insurance companies on the market today. They provide up to $500,000 of life insurance coverage with no medical exam with decisions within minutes.

They’re able to offer a decision so quickly by utilizing e-signature technology (very easy that we can walk you through) and creating technology that automatically connects to the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) and retrieves your pharmacy and motor vehicle record within minutes.  They’ve built an algorithm that’s able to make a decision very quickly based on all that information.

Sagicor’s no medical exam term life insurance offering has 10,15 and 20 year terms.  They also have a “no-lapse” universal life insurance product that guarantees premiums will be level for the rest of your life, with NO medical exam.  They’re currently one of only a few companies that offer this – and they’re currently the best priced option in this category.

Consider the key features of Sagicor’s no medical exam life insurance:


*Policy features are subject to change. Availability may vary by state.

Sagicor’s life insurance company rating by AM Best is an “A-” or “Excellent” with a stable financial outlook.  They’ve been around since 1962 so you should feel very comfortable with their stability in the market.

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Being in the life insurance industry, we receive many questions and inquiries from people who are at the beginning stages of shopping around for affordable life insurance. One of the most common questions we receive, is “Which company should I choose for my life insurance?”. Sometimes people will even throw in a specific company’s name, and ask if that company is a good choice for them.

The problem is, there’s really no way for us to tell you whether or not that company will be a good choice for you. That’s because there’s no such thing as the perfect life insurance company for everyone. There are life insurance companies out there who are very good for most people, but no single company will be the right choice for everyone.

Lately we have had a lot of people ask us whether or not they should choose Sagicor for their life insurance needs. Our answer is very similar to our answer if they were asking the same question about Prudential or AIG – there’s no easy way to tell if that company is a good fit for you. You have to look at quotes and plans from several different companies before determining if any single one is good choice for you. Sure, Sagicor might have great reviews, but those are from people with different medical situations than you.

So how do I figure out which company is best for me?

The easiest way is by working with an independent life insurance agency such as us. We aren’t just one single life insurance company, and we don’t exclusively work for Sagicor or any one company. In fact, we work with over 60 different life insurance companies, so we can always find you the cheapest premiums, and the types of plans that give you and your family what they need.

Before we go looking for coverage for you, we will ask you several questions about your health and medical history. These are the same types of questions you would be asked by the life insurance companies themselves during the underwriting process. The difference is, we know how to answer the questions in a way that is honest, but won’t incriminate you and cause your rates to rise. So with you telling us the answers, and us relaying your answers to the insurance companies in a better way, we act as a filter for you. All of this helps you get better rates and premiums.

Then we pick through all the rates and quotes the insurance companies are offering, and bring them back to you for you to look over. If you have any questions are are unsure about anything, we can go over it all and explain everything to you in a way that you understand.

If you’ve had one company in mind from the beginning, you might found out that they offer you great plans at an affordable price. Or you might find out that another company can give you a much more comprehensive package, at a much more affordable rate. That’s why it always pays to do your research and get quotes and premiums back from several companies, rather than just go with a company based off of their name and reputation.

If you had your mind set on Sagicor, and they come back as being a good option for you, then congratulations. Or it might work out that another company has a much better package for you at a much better rate. That’s also a great reason to celebrate, as you’ll get the coverage you need at a price lower than you were expecting to pay.

Is this something I could do on my own?

It definitely is, and you don’t absolutely need the help of a life insurance agency like us. At the same time though, doing it on your own would mean you have to call all of those companies by yourself. We contact over 60 companies to get you the best rates. How long do you think it take you to contact 60 companies, and go through all of the information they’re asking for? If you work a day job and can only do this in your off time, it might take you over a month to do.

Since we pre-screen your answers, we’ll also help to get you lower premiums. We answer the questions the underwriters ask in a way that won’t incriminate you and cause your rates to spike. Most people save at least 25% just by letting us do the talking with the underwriters.  You may want to work with Sagicor, but because of health factors, there may be a more inexpensive alternative.

So not only does it get done faster, but you get your plan at a much lower premium as well. We save you time and money by contacting the insurance companies on your behalf. Who doesn’t like a little extra time and money?

So if you’ve been looking at getting life insurance with no physical and have been considering Sagicor, don’t act so fast! Get in contact with us and let us find the life insurance company who will be best for you. It might be Sagicor, or it might be someone else entirely. It will be the best and cheapest plan for you though, that’s a guarantee.

About No Physical Term Life
About No Physical Term Life

We’re an independent life insurance agency that specializes in no exam life insurance. We’re licensed in all 50 states and can help you directly over the phone or even by email if you’d like (just fill out a quote form and you’ll get an email from us).

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