5 Important Facts About Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance

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Sagicor Life Insurance is one of the best no physical life insurance companies on the market today.

Through their Sage Term Accelewriting, Sagicor provides up to $1,000,000 of term life insurance with no physical. Often, decisions occur within minutes.

What is life insurance without a physical? Essentially, no physical (also known as non-med or no exam) life insurance is life insurance issued without the medical examination of the applicant. 

It’s important to be familiar with Sagicor’s Accelewriting policy features before making a purchase.

Here’s why – Each no physical life insurance company is different. Carriers use their own processes and procedures to issue policies, and policy specifics vary. Your unique needs will determine the best company to apply with.

Goal – Review Sagicor’s Sage Term Accelewriting so you can determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. Company History
  2. No Exam
  3. Application Process
  5. Bottom Line
  6. Apply

Sagicor Company Historysagicor

Established in 1840, Sagicor Life Insurance was originally called Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society.

Over the next 100 years, the company expanded to other Caribbean countries.

In 2002, Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society converted to Sagicor Life Incorporated and became a publicly traded company.

They are headquartered out of Scottsdale, Arizona and operate internationally.


Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society

Financial Strength Rating: A- (A.M. Best, 2017)

Interesting Fact: “Sagicor” is a combination of two words, “Sage” meaning wise and “Cor” for heart or judgment.

Sagicor Sage Term Accelewriting Overview

Consider the key features of Sagicor’s no physical exam life insurance


*Subject to change

Wait Time

Sagicor utilizes an eApplication technology. You can receive an application decision within minutes. Sagicor ranks towards the top for fastest application turnaround time.

In most instances, Accelewriting will provide an underwriting decision within minutes… – Sagicor Life Insurance, Accelewriting

Additionally, Sagicor offers policy eDelivery, meaning that you can opt to have your life insurance policy emailed to you, rather than waiting for snail mail.

Issue Ages

Sagicor’s Accelewriting issues policies to applicants between the ages of 18 – 65. These ages are fairly standard for no physical term life insurance policies.

Note – If you are older than 65 (really, if you are older than 50), consider your life insurance options for seniors.

Additionally, Foresters Financial and Phoenix Life Insurance offer coverage up to age 80.

Policy Amount

UPDATE – March 2018: Sagicor now offers no physical life insurance up to $1,000,000.

Available policy face amounts range from $50,000 – $1,000,000.

Important – Limits exist on policy amounts available, based on your age:

[table id=46 /]

Note: Sagicor’s Sage Term life insurance is available for other ages and face amount if you participate in full (medical) underwriting.

Policy Length

Sagicor’s Accelewriting offers policies for the following term lengths:

Note: If you are in need of a longer policy length, the following top-rated carriers offer a 30-year term (age and health restrictions may apply):

No Exam

Sagicor’s Sage Term Accelewriting skips the medical exam. That means you can avoid:

  • Needles
  • Nurses
  • Liquid samples

Also consider – Policy Riders

While usually not top-of-mind, policy riders are important provisions to your life insurance contract that provide additional benefits.

Sagicor offers the following riders:

Rider included with a policy purchase

  • Accelerated Benefit Riders – option to accelerate the death benefit in the event of a serious illness:
    • Terminal Condition
    • Nursing Home Confinement
      • If an insured has been confined to a nursing home for 90 consecutive days and is expected to remain confined until death (requirements can vary by state)

Riders available for an additional cost

  • Accidental Death
  • Waiver Of Premium
  • Children’s Term

Note accidental death and dismemberment policies and baby life insurance can be purchased separately as well.

Policy Conversion Options

You have the ability to convert your term life insurance policy into a permanent policy under the following circumstance:

  • Convertible to age 70 (prior to the policy anniversary following the insured’s 70th birthday)
    • Conversion credits are available for a full policy conversion if converted during years 2 – 5 of the policy term length

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Application Process

Sagicor’s Accelewriting is quite simple:


*Subject to change

Note – An internet connection is required to participate in Accelewriting. 

Sagicor’s non-medical underwriting process is unique because, in addition to skipping the medical exam, it eliminates the need for:

  • Phone interview
  • Attending Physician Statement (APS)

There are five basic steps to the process.

Step One

Collaborate with an independent agent – although this step is optional – we highly recommend it.

An independent agent has your best interest in mind. Unlike captive agents, independent agents (that’s us) have access to the top-rated carriers. That way, we shop for the best policy at the most competitive price to fit your needs.

Independent agents will help you navigate Sagicor’s life insurance application process or any company’s process for that matter.

Step Two

You will need to verify your basic identification information –

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Social Security Number

Like many life insurance carriers, Sagicor utilizes a technology called, Lexis Nexis Risk Classifier.

An advanced risk assessment solution, LexisNexis Risk Classifier utilizes data from attributes derived from public records, driving history and credit to help better assess a proposed insured’s risk profile. – Lexis Nexis, Risk Solutions

In other words, Lexis Nexis pulls data from multiple public sources to determine the amount of risk an applicant poses.

While this may seem impersonal, remember, insurance companies are in the business of evaluating and accepting risk. The tradeoff – through the use of data analytics – you can skip the medical exam.

Step Three

Plan to answer basic health questions. You will need to answer, “No” to basic knockout questions, resembling these:

  1. Do you receive health care at home or need help to toilet, bath, or dress, eat or take medications?
  2. Are you currently in a hospital, psychiatric, nursing, extended care or assisted care facility?
  3. Have you tested positive for Alzheimer’s or dementia, cirrhosis, emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?
  4. In the last decade, have you experienced two or more of the following: cancer, coronary artery disease, diabetes, heart attack, stroke or trans ischemic attack, carotid artery disease, vascular or artery disease?
  5. In the last 12 months, has a physician recommended you be hospitalized, have surgery, run diagnostic tests or a medical procedure for any medical condition (except HIV or AIDS) in which results are not yet available?
  6. Have you ever been diagnosed by a medical professional with AIDS, HIV, or AIDS-Related Complex?
  7. In the last 24 months, have you been diagnosed with or recommended by a physician to receive treatment for cancer (except basal cell carcinoma), heart attack, stroke (or TIA), or drugs or alcohol abuse?
  8. In the last 24 months, have you had your driver’s license revoked or suspended? Or, have you been cited for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired to drugs or alcohol? Have you had more than two moving violations?

If you answer, “Yes” to any of these questions, Sagicor’s Accelewriting will not be a good fit for you.

Step Four

Sagicor will quickly review your application. We’re talking minutes, here.

Step Five

You will receive an application decision electronically.

Expect one of three decisions:

  1. Approved as applied – best case scenario. You are approved for the life insurance policy you applied for. You can be approved for one of the following health classes:
    1. Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco
    2. Preferred Plus Tobacco
    3. Preferred Non-Tobacco
    4. Preferred Tobacco
    5. Standard Non Tobacco
    6. Standard Tobacco
    7. Rated Non-Tobacco
    8. Rated Tobacco
    9. Rated 2 Non Tobacco
    10. Rated 2 Tobacco
      • Note – for the following health classes: Rated Non-Tobacco, Rated Tobacco, Rated 2 Non-Tobacco and Rated 2 Tobacco, if your policy face amount is $500,001 or more, underwriters will refer your application for additional review.
      • Also Note tobacco use is defined as, “In the past 24 months have you used any form of tobacco or nicotine products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, nicotine patches or gums)?”.
  2. Further information is need – sometimes, underwriters will find something on your application (let’s say a health concern or infraction on your driving record) and they will need more information before they make a policy decision.
    • If more information is required, it will likely delay the application decision.
  3. Declined as applied – from time to time, an application is declined. Take heart, though. Even after a decline, there are life insurance options available.

Sagicor No Exam Sample Life Insurance Quotes

Sagicor’s no exam life insurance rates are competitive.

Let’s look at some sample quotes for healthy individuals.

Keep in mind – samples are examples only. Your individual quote may vary. Quotes are based on monthly premiums (the amount you pay in exchange for life insurance):

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Male 20-29 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
20 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$23$23$30$37
21 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$23$30$37
22 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$23$31$37
23 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$23$31$38
24 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$24$31$38
25 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$24$31$38
26 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$24$24$31$41
27 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$25$31$41
28 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$25$31$41
29 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$25$31$41

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Female 20-29 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
20 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$18$20$24$30
21 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$24$30
22 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$25$31
23 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$25$31
24 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$26$31
25 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$26$32
26 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$19$21$27$32
27 Year Old$10$12$13$14$17$20$21$27$32
28 Year Old$11$12$13$14$17$20$22$27$33
29 Year Old$11$12$13$14$17$20$22$27$33

Sample Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Male 30-39 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
30 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$25$31$41
31 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$26$31$41
32 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$26$32$41
33 Year Old$12$13$15$18$19$24$26$32$42
34 Year Old$12$13$16$18$19$24$26$32$42
35 Year Old$13$13$16$18$19$24$27$32$42
36 Year Old$13$13$16$20$20$25$28$33$43
37 Year Old$14$14$16$22$22$26$29$35$45
38 Year Old$15$15$17$24$24$28$30$38$48
39 Year Old$17$17$18$26$26$30$31$41$50

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Female 30-39 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
30 Year Old$11$12$14$14$17$20$22$27$34
31 Year Old$11$12$14$14$17$20$22$28$34
32 Year Old$11$12$14$15$17$21$22$28$35
33 Year Old$11$12$14$15$18$21$23$28$35
34 Year Old$11$12$14$15$18$21$23$28$35
35 Year Old$11$12$14$15$18$21$23$28$36
36 Year Old$12$13$15$17$19$22$24$30$37
37 Year Old$13$14$15$20$22$24$24$32$38
38 Year Old$14$15$16$22$24$25$25$33$39
39 Year Old$16$16$16$26$26$26$26$35$41

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Male 40-49 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
40 Year Old$18$18$20$29$29$33$32$46$53
41 Year Old$19$19$22$32$32$37$35$51$59
42 Year Old$21$21$24$34$34$41$38$56$67
43 Year Old$22$22$27$38$38$46$42$62$77
44 Year Old$25$25$29$42$42$52$48$68$88
45 Year Old$27$27$33$47$48$58$56$76$101
46 Year Old$29$30$36$51$53$64NANANA
47 Year Old$31$33$38$54$58$69NANANA
48 Year Old$32$35$41$58$63$74NANANA
49 Year Old$34$38$43$61$69$80NANANA

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Female 40-49 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
40 Year Old$17$17$17$28$28$28$26$38$46
41 Year Old$18$18$18$30$30$30$29$41$51
42 Year Old$20$20$20$32$32$32$33$44$56
43 Year Old$21$21$21$35$35$35$37$49$62
44 Year Old$23$23$23$39$39$39$42$54$68
45 Year Old$24$26$26$42$44$44$48$61$78
46 Year Old$26$27$28$45$47$49NANANA
47 Year Old$27$28$31$47$50$55NANANA
48 Year Old$28$30$34$49$53$60NANANA
49 Year Old$29$31$37$52$55$66NANANA

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Male 50-59 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
50 Year Old$36$41$46$65$76$86$81$105$122
51 Year Old$38$45$50$70$83$94$92$117$135
52 Year Old$41$49$56$76$92$105$104$132$152
53 Year Old$45$55$63$83$103$119$117$149$173
54 Year Old$50$61$71$92$116$136$133$169$200
55 Year Old$55$69$83$103$131$128$152$193$234
56 Year Old$61$77$96$115$148$184NANANA
57 Year Old$67$87$110$126$167$213NANANA
58 Year Old$72$97$126$138$188$245NANANA
59 Year Old$79$108$143$150$210$280NANANA

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes: Female 50-59 yrs

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
50 Year Old$31$33$40$54$58$73$66$75$105
51 Year Old$32$34$44$57$62$81$73$83$117
52 Year Old$34$37$48$61$66$90$81$91$131
53 Year Old$36$39$54$65$72$100$90$102$147
54 Year Old$38$43$60$70$79$113$100$114$165
55 Year Old$41$47$67$76$88$127$110$128$187
56 Year Old$44$52$75$82$98$143NANANA
57 Year Old$47$58$83$86$109$160NANANA
58 Year Old$49$64$93$90$121$179NANANA
59 Year Old$51$71$103$95$135$199NANANA

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes Male 60 - 65

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
60 Year Old$42$57$75$86$120$162$165$234$318
61 Year Old$45$64$82$94$133$183$182$259$359
62 Year Old$50$70$90$105$147$205$202$287$402
63 Year Old$55$78$98$117$161$228$227$315$449
64 Year Old$61$85$107$132$176$253$256$346$498
65 Year Old$70$93$116$149$192$279$292$378$551

Sagicor No Exam Life Insurance Quotes Female 60 - 65

10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
60 Year Old$28$42$50$54$78$114$101$149$220
61 Year Old$29$45$55$58$86$125$108$164$243
62 Year Old$32$49$60$63$94$137$119$181$268
63 Year Old$34$53$65$70$103$150$133$198$293
64 Year Old$38$58$71$79$112$164$151$217$320
65 Year Old$43$62$76$90$122$178$174$237$349

Bottom Line

 So how do I figure out which company is best for me?

The easiest way is by working with an independent life insurance agency such as us. We aren’t just one single life insurance company, and we don’t exclusively work for Sagicor or any one company.

In fact, we work with over 60 different life insurance companies, so we can always find you the cheapest premiums, and the types of plans that give you and your family what they need.

Before we go looking for coverage for you, we will ask you several questions about your health and medical history.

These are the same types of questions you would be asked by the life insurance companies themselves during the underwriting process.

The difference is, we know how to answer the questions in a way that is honest but won’t incriminate you and cause your rates to rise.

So with you telling us the answers, and us relaying your answers to the insurance companies in a better way, we act as a filter for you. All of this helps you get better rates and premiums.

Then we pick through all the rates and quotes the insurance companies are offering, and bring them back to you for you to look over.

That’s why it always pays to do your research and get quotes and premiums back from several companies, rather than just go with a company based off of their name and reputation.

If you had your mind set on Sagicor, and they come back as being a good option for you, then congratulations.

Or it might work out that another company has a much better package for you at a much better rate.

That’s also a great reason to celebrate, as you’ll get the coverage you need at a price lower than you were expecting to pay.

Is this something I could do on my own?

It definitely is, and you don’t absolutely need the help of a life insurance agency like us.

At the same time though, doing it on your own would mean you have to call all of those companies by yourself. We contact over 60 companies to get you the best rates.

Since we pre-screen your answers, we’ll also help to get you lower premiums. We answer the questions the underwriters ask in a way that won’t incriminate you and cause your rates to spike.

So if you’ve been looking at getting life insurance with no exam and have been considering Sagicor, don’t act so fast! Get in contact with us and let us find the life insurance company who will be best for you.

How To Apply

There are two steps you need to take in order to find the best no exam policy to fit your needs.

1. Partner Up

This is the most important. You need an expert independent agent to collaborate with. An independent agent is not held captive to a particular life insurance company.

That way, your best interest is at heart and you will have access to all the top non-med life insurance carriers.

2. Prepare

Be ready to communicate effectively during the application process. This means writing down information about your medical history, medications, and lifestyle so that your answers are readily available.

To get started, simply fill out our free instant quote.