Fidelity No Exam Life Insurance Review

Fidelity Life Association, a financial services company with over 100 years of history, is at the forefront of utilizing technology for no exam life insurance.

Policy issuance does not require a medical examination. Instead, approval for a policy depends upon your answers to health questions on the application. – Fidelity Life, RAPIDecision

Definition of no exam life insurance – Life insurance issued without a medical examination of the applicant.

Fidelity RAPIDecision Express is a no exam life insurance product offered by Fidelity. You’ll want to be familiar with the company, application process, and policy details prior to buying a life insurance policy.

Here’s why – Each no exam (also known as no physical, non-med, or simplified issue) life insurance carrier uses different procedures to process applications.

Policy features vary by company, and you’ll want to be familiar with the best no physical carriers.

Goal – Review Fidelity RAPIDecision Express in detail to determine if it’s the best life insurance option for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. Company History
  2. Product Overview
  3. Application Process
  5. Bottom Line
  6. How To Apply

Fidelity Life Association Company Historyfidelity life

Founded in 1896, Fidelity Life Association originally had the interesting name of, Mystic Workers of the World – a fraternal benefit society (a member organization with shared values).

Fidelity focused on helping the middle class in the Midwest and Northern states.

Fidelity Life is one of the few companies in the industry that focuses on assisting everyday middle Americans experience the peace-of-mind that comes with life insurance ownership. – Fidelity Life

Key historical events:

  • In 1915, Fidelity’s life insurance in force reached $100 million
  • The company’s name was changed to Fidelity Life Association in 1930
  • In 1953, Fidelity converted to a mutual reserve company and was affiliated with a number of fee-for-management companies
  • Fidelity became an independent company again in 2005

Fidelity Life is considered a stock life insurance company. They are a subsidiary of Lifestory Interactive, and Members Mutual Holding Company is their parent company.

Fidelity Life is licensed to conduct business in the United States, except for New York and Wyoming.

Financial Strength Rating: A- (A.M. Best)

Interesting fact: Fidelity has approximately $30 billion in life insurance policies in force.

Fidelity Rapid Decision Express Overview

Essential features of Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express to assess:

fidelity life

*Policy features are subject to change. Availability may vary by state.

The most important features of no medical exam life insurance to consider are:

  1. Wait time – how long you have to wait before your application is approved and your life insurance policy is issued
  2. Issue ages – the age range of the applicant that the life insurance company is willing to insure
  3. Policy amount – the dollar amount (policy size) the life insurance company offers
  4. Policy length – the number of years the life insurance company will allow the policy to last

Let’s evaluate how Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express measures up.

Wait Time

Life insurance application decisions often occur within 24 – 48 hours. Consider this around the middle of the pack, in terms ranking the wait time for top rated no exam life insurance carriers.

Issue Ages

Applicants between the ages of 18 – 65 can qualify for Fidelity’s Rapid Decision life insurance – fairly standard issue ages for no exam life insurance.

Of interest: Fidelity also offers a product called, Rapid Decision Senior Life for ages 50 – 70. If you are age 50 or older, there are a number of senior life insurance options to be aware of.

Policy Amount

Policies can be purchased for amounts between $25,000 – $250,000.

Often, no exam life insurance policies begin at $50,000.

If you are looking for a smaller policy amount, Fidelity Life and Phoenix Life Insurance (now Nassua Re) are carriers to consider.

On the other hand, it’s common to seek larger amounts of no exam life insurance. For example, Phoenix Life Insurance offers up to $500,000 in coverage. And, while somewhat uncommon, it is possible to purchase no exam policies for up to one million dollars.

Policy Length

Fidelity Rapid Decision offers term lengths of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Consider these as typical term lengths for no exam life insurance.

Note – Limits on term length exist based on your age:

fidelity life

Limits subject to change based on the carrier’s underwriting procedures.

Available Riders

Riders provide additional benefits and features to your life insurance policy.

  • Riders included with your policy purchase:
    • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider: option to accelerate up to 50% of your death benefit
      • Physician documentation is required with a demonstration of 12 months or less to live
      • Benefit may be initiated after the policy has been in force for 2 years

(Note: Some carriers allow you to advance a higher percentage of the death benefit. For example, Phoenix Life permits up to 95% of the death benefit.)

  • Optional riders you may add on for an additional cost:
    • Dependent Child Rider: a death benefit paid should one of your dependents pass away
      • Up to $25,000 for eligible dependents
      • Rider expires when one of two things happens first: either child reaches age 23 or insured reaches age 65
      • Notelife insurance for baby (child) policies exist, too
    • Accidental Death Benefit Rider: an amount paid in addition to the standard benefit, payable if the insured dies from a qualifying accident
      • Issued to ages 20 – 65
      • Rider expires at age 80
      • Available for amounts of $25,000, up to $250,000

Additional Features

  • Guaranteed Annual Renewable Term (ART) after initial level term
  • Level term renewable to age 95

Fidelity No Exam Application Process

Expect a straightforward process when applying for life insurance, including a phone interview that lasts approximately 30 minutes.

You will be asked about:

  1. Whether you are a legal U.S. citizen, residing in the United States for more than two years
  2. Your HIV/AIDS status
  3. If you are waiting on a diagnosis, mental evaluation, diagnostic test or surgical evaluation
  4. If you have requested workers’ compensation or Social Security disability benefits
  5. Whether you take more than two prescription medications for pain
  6. If you consume more than 3 alcoholic beverages on a daily basis
  7. In the past 10 years, if you have been treated for a major medical condition
    1. For example: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, major organ condition, mood disorder (i.e. bipolar), drug or alcohol abuse
  8. In the past 5 years, if have used a controlled substance (i.e. cocaine, hallucinogens)
  9. In the past 2 years, if you have been hospitalized for a chronic illness
  10. Whether you participate in extreme sports (i.e. mountaineering, scuba diving)
  11. In the past 5 years, if you have been convicted (or pled guilty or no contest) to a felony, misdemeanor, DUI
  12. In the past 5 years, whether you been incarcerated, in a parole program, or have charges pending
  13. In the past 5 years, if you had a life or health insurance application rated, declined or denied reinstatement

Important – You must answer Yes question #1 and No to questions #2 – 13 in order to qualify for Fidelity’s Rapid Decision life insurance.

Also important – If you don’t qualify for this type of life insurance, and many people do not, there are plenty of life insurance options available.

Key Features of Fidelity Rapid Decision Application Process

Required for approval

  • Complete phone interview
  • Database background check:
    • Pharmacy history
    • Driving record
    • Medical Information Bureau (MIB) – a database of previous insurance applications

Not required for approval

  • Needles, nurses, liquid samples
  • Attending Physician Statement (APS)

Bottom line – Anticipate a streamlined application process. It’s important to accurately answers all interview questions. Any discrepancies can result in delays. Fidelity provides a simple accept/decline application decision.

Fidelity No Exam Quotes

There are two health classes available for Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express life insurance: Standard and Standard Nicotine.

Let’s look at a number of sample quotes:

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Male 18 - 29

18 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.71$50.68
19 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.71$50.68
20 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.71$50.68
21 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.71$50.68
22 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.80$50.90
23 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.80$50.90
24 Year Old$13.72$20.05$24.80$50.90
25 Year Old$13.75$20.10$24.80$50.90
26 Year Old$13.81$20.23$24.80$50.90
27 Year Old$13.88$20.36$24.88$51.11
28 Year Old$13.94$20.49$24.88$51.11
29 Year Old$14.05$20.71$24.97$51.33
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Female 18 - 29

18 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
19 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
20 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
21 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
22 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
23 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
24 Year Old$13.70$20.01$17.57$32.84
25 Year Old$13.72$20.05$17.66$33.06
26 Year Old$13.79$20.18$17.92$33.71
27 Year Old$13.85$20.31$18.18$34.37
28 Year Old$13.92$20.45$18.53$35.24
29 Year Old$14.03$20.66$18.97$36.32
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Male 30 - 39

30 Year Old$14.16$20.92$25.14$51.77
31 Year Old$14.27$21.14$25.32$52.20
32 Year Old$14.40$21.40$25.67$53.07
33 Year Old$14.51$21.62$26.10$54.16
34 Year Old$14.59$21.79$26.71$55.68
35 Year Old$14.81$22.23$27.58$57.86
36 Year Old$14.83$22.27$28.71$60.68
37 Year Old$14.86$22.32$30.02$63.95
38 Year Old$14.88$22.36$31.49$67.64
39 Year Old$14.90$22.40$33.32$72.21
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Female 30 - 39

30 Year Old$14.14$20.88$19.49$37.63
31 Year Old$14.25$21.10$20.10$39.15
32 Year Old$14.38$21.36$20.79$40.89
33 Year Old$14.46$21.53$21.58$42.85
34 Year Old$14.55$21.71$22.45$45.02
35 Year Old$14.77$22.14$23.40$47.42
36 Year Old$14.79$22.19$24.53$50.24
37 Year Old$14.81$22.23$25.67$53.07
38 Year Old$14.83$22.27$26.97$56.33
39 Year Old$14.86$22.32$28.45$60.03
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Male 40 - 49

40 Year Old$14.92$22.45$35.32$77.21
41 Year Old$15.09$22.79$37.50$82.65
42 Year Old$15.70$24.01$39.93$88.74
43 Year Old$16.38$25.36$42.63$95.48
44 Year Old$17.12$26.84$45.59$102.88
45 Year Old$17.99$28.58$48.98$111.36
46 Year Old$18.94$30.49$52.72$120.71
47 Year Old$20.05$32.71$57.07$131.59
48 Year Old$21.32$35.24$62.03$143.99
49 Year Old$22.79$38.19$67.86$158.56
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 20 Year Term, Female 40 - 49

40 Year Old$14.88$22.36$30.02$63.95
41 Year Old$14.96$22.53$31.67$68.08
42 Year Old$15.16$22.92$33.41$72.43
43 Year Old$15.42$23.45$35.24$77.00
44 Year Old$15.79$24.19$37.15$81.78
45 Year Old$16.27$25.14$39.15$86.78
46 Year Old$16.99$26.58$41.33$92.22
47 Year Old$17.75$28.10$43.67$98.09
48 Year Old$18.60$29.80$46.37$104.84
49 Year Old$19.47$31.54$49.42$112.45
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 10 Year Term, Male 50 - 59

50 Year Old$18.44$29.49$47.24$107.01
51 Year Old$19.51$31.62$51.24$117.02
52 Year Old$20.64$33.89$55.59$127.89
53 Year Old$21.86$36.32$60.38$139.85
54 Year Old$23.14$38.89$65.60$152.90
55 Year Old$24.49$41.59$71.25$167.04
56 Year Old$25.93$44.46$77.34$182.27
57 Year Old$27.47$47.55$83.96$198.80
58 Year Old$29.10$50.81$91.09$216.63
59 Year Old$30.86$54.33$98.83$235.99
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 10 Year Term, Female 50 - 59

50 Year Old$17.44$27.49$39.06$86.57
51 Year Old$18.25$29.10$41.33$92.22
52 Year Old$19.05$30.71$43.85$98.53
53 Year Old$19.86$32.32$46.63$105.49
54 Year Old$20.62$33.84$49.68$113.10
55 Year Old$21.64$35.89$52.98$121.37
56 Year Old$22.12$36.84$56.64$130.50
57 Year Old$22.66$37.93$60.64$140.51
58 Year Old$23.34$39.28$65.08$151.60
59 Year Old$24.06$40.72$69.95$163.78
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 10 Year Term, Male 60 - 65

60 Year Old$32.78$58.16$107.27$257.08
61 Year Old$34.89$62.38$116.41$279.92
62 Year Old$37.24$67.08$126.41$304.94
63 Year Old$39.87$72.34$137.20$331.91
64 Year Old$42.78$78.17$148.86$361.05
65 Year Old$46.07$84.74$161.99$393.89
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Fidelity Life Insurance Quotes: 10 Year Term, Female 60 - 65

60 Year Old$24.90$42.41$75.34$177.26
61 Year Old$27.60$44.63$81.78$193.36
62 Year Old$27.75$48.11$88.74$210.76
63 Year Old$29.65$51.90$96.31$229.68
64 Year Old$31.60$55.81$104.14$249.26
65 Year Old$33.73$60.07$112.67$270.57
No exam life insurance. Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Keep in mind the quotes are samples, only. Your individual quote is based on a number of factors, including:

Note – Fidelity’s Rapid Decision Express is priced higher than our top-rated no physical life insurance companies.

Bottom Line

Fidelity is one of many carriers offering no exam life insurance. 

Whether or not Fidelity is a good fit for you is dependent on your needs and circumstances, and how those align with their underwriting practices and life insurance products.

What we mean – before applying for life insurance, you’ll want to have a firm grasp on your:

  1. Desired policy size (e.g. $250,000 policy)
  2. Desired policy length (e.g. 20 year term)
  3. Circumstances that would affect your life insurance rating and/or approval

Each carrier uses its own unique process to evaluate and underwrite applications. That’s why it’s important to not apply with a specific company on your own.

How To Apply

You will want to do two things to apply for life insurance:

  1. Partner Up – collaborate with an independent life insurance agent (that’s us). That way, your best interest is at heart. An independent agent will have access to top-rated life insurance companies to find the best policy to fit your needs. They’re not held captive to a particular carrier.
  2. Prep – be ready to complete your application by having your important information readily available. You will want to write down your medical history, occupation information, and any lifestyle information that would affect underwriting.

To get started, simply fill out our instant quote.