$50,000 No Exam Life Insurance: 5 Key Facts You Need To Know

If loved ones depend on you financially, it’s almost certain you need life insurance.

$50,000 of no exam life insurance is purchased all the time. There are 5 essential facts you need to know before you buy no exam life insurance.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is No Exam Life Insurance?
  2. Is $50,000 of Life Insurance Right for Me?
  3. 5 Essential Facts About $50,000 No Exam Life Insurance
  4. Sample Quotes for No Exam Life Insurance
  5. How to Apply for No Exam Life Insurance

What is No Exam Life Insurance?

Simply put, no exam life insurance is life insurance issued without the medical examination of the applicant.

No exam life insurance (also known as non-med and no physical) is purchased all the time, and for good reason.

Here’s why:

  1. You skip the needles, nurses, and… (ahem) liquid samples.
  2. Often, your premiums (the amount you pay in exchange for life insurance) are competitive with medically underwritten life insurance.
  3. Application turnaround time can be instantaneous.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to purchase no exam life insurance. Carriers are realizing there’s a lot of us who have no interest in being poked with a needle.

Additionally, technology – via databases – provides pertinent information for applications. Database information is replacing medical examinations at an increasing rate.

Concerning the life insurance industry:

“They’re finally getting out of the Fred Flintstone age. This is definitely not an Amazon experience yet. But it’s going to get there.” – Thomas J. Henske, partner at Lenox Advisors Inc.

So, what exactly does a no exam life insurance application look like? Let’s break down the process:

No exam life insurance application process for $50,000
*Underwriting processes and application features subject to change.

1st: Electronic Application

No exam life insurance applications are almost always submitted electronically.

Important: You’ll want to collaborate with an independent agent to find the best carrier and policy to fit your needs.

Why? Each life insurance carrier is different. Your unique needs (think: policy amount and length, your health, lifestyle, etc.) will determine what company is best to apply with.

2nd: Phone Interview

A phone interview will follow your application submission. Plan on the call lasting around 20 – 30 minutes.

Typically, you will be asked about:

  1. Birthdate, height, and weight
  2. Your health and medical history
  3. The health and medical history of your close (blood-related) family members
  4. Occupation
  5. Lifestyle

Keep in mind – Your application process is more streamlined if you answer all interview questions accurately and upfront.

3rd: Database Checks

Database systems are a primary component of what is accelerating the availability of no physical life insurance.

Your life insurance underwriter will typically review the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) 
    • Underwriters are especially looking for any DUIs (driving under the influence) or reckless driving citations.
    • Typically, they will look at DUIs or citations occurring within the last 2-5 years.
  • Pharmacy records
    • While your physician and pharmacy are legally bound to safeguard your prescriptions, the information can be reviewed during your application.
    • Records are usually from the last 10 years.
  • Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
    • The MIB is a database of previous insurance applications. If you have applied for life insurance previously, and something concerning popped up, it’s often on record at the MIB.

4th: Application Decision

You will likely receive one of three application decisions:

  1. Approved as applied – This is the best-case scenario. You are approved for the life insurance policy you applied for.
  2. Further information is required – Some life insurance carriers will request more information if they take note of something on your application.
    1. For example, let’s say you take antidepressant medication. Underwriters may follow up with you about the reason for the medication, dosage, frequency of use, etc.
  3. Declined as applied – Sometimes you aren’t approved for the life insurance policy you applied for.
    1. It’s also possible you will receive a different rating (this is your health class) than what you applied for (your premium amounts are affected by your health class rating).
    2. Remember, there are plenty of life insurance options available, even after a decline.

Is $50,000 of Life Insurance Right for Me?

The amount of life insurance that makes sense for you depends on a number of factors:

  1. Does $50,000 provide financial protection for my beneficiaries should something happen to me?
  2. What are my current monetary obligations?
    1. Mortgage or rent
    2. Debts (credit card, loans)
    3. Living expenses (utilities, bills, groceries)
  3. What are my future monetary aspirations?
    1. College (or private school) tuition for children or grandchildren
    2. Estate
    3. Charitable giving

No exam life insurance is likely right for you if:

  • You want to skip meeting a paramedical examiner in person.
  • You don’t want to be poked with a needle.
  • You want to avoid the blood pressure cuff, height/weight measurements, and liquid samples.
  • You need to secure life insurance quickly.

At the end of the day – you will want to purchase an amount of life insurance you feel comfortable with.

Other Options

There are plenty of varying face amounts for no exam life insurance. If $50,000 does not match your financial needs, you have other options:

5 Essential Facts About $50,000 No Exam Life Insurance

There are five essential facts you need to know about $50,000 of no exam life insurance.

5 facts about no exam life insurance for $50,000
*Underwriting processes and policy features subject to change.

1. A Life Insurance Policy That Includes No Exam

For many of us, the thought of being poked with a needle has been cringe-worthy enough to put off purchasing life insurance.

Fortunately, purchasing no exam life insurance means you bypass:

  • Needles
  • Nurses
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Liquid samples
  • Height/Weight measurement

2. Sample Quotes for No Exam Life Insurance

$50,000 of life insurance is almost always purchased without a medical exam. And, your premiums tend to be modest.

Let’s look at some examples.

Quotes are for monthly premiums. They are based on limited input and are for informational purposes only.

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 20 - 29 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
20 Year Old$8.15$8.46$9.30$12.02
21 Year Old$8.16$8.47$9.31$11.97
22 Year Old$8.18$8.48$9.32$11.88
23 Year Old$8.20$8.49$9.33$11.84
24 Year Old$8.22$8.50$9.34$11.79
25 Year Old$8.24$8.51$9.35$11.75
26 Year Old$8.25$8.51$9.36$11.93
27 Year Old$8.27$8.52$9.37$12.06
28 Year Old$8.29$8.53$9.38$11.97
29 Year Old$8.30$8.54$9.40$11.88

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 20 - 29 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
20 Year Old$7.47$7.94$8.00$9.45
21 Year Old$7.49$7.95$8.04$9.54
22 Year Old$7.52$7.97$8.08$9.63
23 Year Old$7.54$7.99$8.13$9.77
24 Year Old$7.56$8.00$8.17$9.90
25 Year Old$7.58$8.02$8.22$10.04
26 Year Old$7.60$8.04$8.26$10.22
27 Year Old$7.63$8.05$8.30$10.44
28 Year Old$7.65$8.07$8.35$10.44
29 Year Old$7.67$8.09$8.39$10.49

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 30 - 39 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
30 Year Old$8.32$8.55$9.41$11.84
31 Year Old$8.36$8.58$9.44$12.06
32 Year Old$8.39$8.60$9.47$12.24
33 Year Old$8.42$8.63$9.50$12.51
34 Year Old$8.46$8.65$9.53$12.78
35 Year Old$8.49$8.68$9.56$13.05
36 Year Old$8.71$8.88$9.85$13.64
37 Year Old$8.95$9.09$10.16$14.22
38 Year Old$9.23$9.32$10.50$14.85
39 Year Old$9.53$9.58$10.89$15.48

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 30 - 39 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
30 Year Old$7.69$8.10$8.44$10.53
31 Year Old$7.73$8.13$8.52$10.67
32 Year Old$7.78$8.15$8.60$10.85
33 Year Old$7.82$8.18$8.68$11.07
34 Year Old$7.86$8.21$8.77$11.30
35 Year Old$7.90$8.23$8.85$11.48
36 Year Old$8.14$8.43$9.03$11.93
37 Year Old$8.42$8.64$9.21$12.42
38 Year Old$8.75$8.88$9.39$12.92
39 Year Old$9.11$9.15$9.59$13.41

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 40 - 49 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
40 Year Old$9.88$9.88$11.33$16.20
41 Year Old$10.45$10.46$12.12$17.37
42 Year Old$10.90$10.90$12.75$18.54
43 Year Old$11.39$11.40$13.48$19.67
44 Year Old$11.94$11.99$14.32$20.75
45 Year Old$12.54$12.70$15.29$21.78
46 Year Old$13.14$13.41$16.27$23.27
47 Year Old$13.68$14.07$17.19$24.71
48 Year Old$14.18$14.72$18.12$26.06
49 Year Old$14.72$15.43$19.11$27.41

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 40 - 49 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
40 Year Old$9.51$9.51$9.82$13.95
41 Year Old$10.09$10.10$10.28$14.81
42 Year Old$10.40$10.55$10.63$15.62
43 Year Old$10.62$11.00$11.05$16.43
44 Year Old$10.85$11.45$11.55$17.19
45 Year Old$11.12$12.00$12.16$18.00
46 Year Old$11.48$12.63$12.79$19.17
47 Year Old$11.84$13.26$13.38$20.25
48 Year Old$12.20$13.91$14.00$21.33
49 Year Old$12.56$14.54$14.66$22.37

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 50 - 59 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
50 Year Old$15.30$16.25$20.25$28.76
51 Year Old$16.30$17.24$21.60$31.41
52 Year Old$17.21$18.46$23.22$34.07
53 Year Old$18.31$19.96$25.19$36.81
54 Year Old$19.61$21.81$27.57$39.65
55 Year Old$20.84$24.05$30.43$42.62
56 Year Old$22.73$26.64$33.72NA
57 Year Old$24.21$29.50$37.33NA
58 Year Old$25.66$32.62$41.09NA
59 Year Old$27.23$36.01$44.24NA

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 50 - 59 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
50 Year Old$12.96$14.94$15.42$23.45
51 Year Old$13.50$15.75$16.32$25.34
52 Year Old$14.13$16.61$17.40$27.23
53 Year Old$14.72$17.46$18.70$29.16
54 Year Old$15.35$18.41$20.27$21.19
55 Year Old$16.07$19.35$22.14$33.60
56 Year Old$17.37$21.02$24.17NA
57 Year Old$18.45$22.68$26.15NA
58 Year Old$19.27$24.39$28.35NA
59 Year Old$20.16$26.15$30.60NA

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 60 - 70 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
60 Year Old$29.05$39.66$47.39
61 Year Old$31.25$43.58$51.39
62 Year Old$33.97$47.77$55.44
63 Year Old$37.32$52.21$59.54
64 Year Old$41.44$56.93$65.93
65 Year Old$46.45$61.90$71.55
66 Year Old$56.26$67.90NA
67 Year Old$58.66$76.02NA
68 Year Old$65.66$84.15NA
69 Year Old$72.27$92.28NA
70 Year Old$78.61$100.41NA

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 60 - 70 Years Old

Age10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term
60 Year Old$21.22$27.95$32.85
61 Year Old$22.51$31.64$36.77
62 Year Old$24.14$34.98$40.86
63 Year Old$26.17$37.49$44.91
64 Year Old$28.70$40.13$48.94
65 Year Old$31.82$42.90$52.96
66 Year Old$35.44$47.53NA
67 Year Old$39.28$52.16NA
68 Year Old$42.03$56.79NA
69 Year Old$44.73$61.43NA
70 Year Old$47.4866.06NA

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Male 71 - 80 Years Old

Age10 Year Term
71 Year Old$88.97
72 Year Old$99.27
73 Year Old$109.58
74 Year Old$119.97
75 Year Old$130.28
76 Year Old$208.29
77 Year Old$238.48
78 Year Old$266.00
79 Year Old$293.34
80 Year Old$330.93

$50,000 No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes For Female 71 - 80 Years Old

Age10 Year Term
71 Year Old$55.76
72 Year Old$64.04
73 Year Old$71.52
74 Year Old$78.20
75 Year Old$85.28
76 Year Old$144.11
77 Year Old$172.68
78 Year Old$200.20
79 Year Old$222.21
80 Year Old$250.69

Note – Quotes are samples only and are based on healthy individuals.

Also, note – Purchasing twice the amount of life insurance – $100,000 of no exam life insurance – often costs only a small amount more. We’re talking less than a dollar in some cases.

One more thing – If you are 50 or older, consider all of your options for senior life insurance.

3. There are Many Choices for Additional Riders

Plenty of options are available for your life insurance policy.

Let’s focus on riders. Riders are provisions to your life insurance contract that provide additional benefits.

Some of the most common riders include:

Accelerated Death Benefit

The option to accelerate a portion of your death benefit should qualifying medical needs arise.

Wavier Of Premium

If a disability occurs, this is the ability to keep your policy in force without paying your premiums.

Accidental Death Benefit

An additional amount paid should you die in a qualifying accident.

Child Rider 

In addition to covering your life, your child will have life insurance coverage under your policy.

Additionally, you will want to decide:

  • If you want your term policy to be able to convert into a permanent policy
  • What term length you need your policy to be: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years

It’s important to compare the best no physical life insurance companies before buying a policy because each company provides unique riders and policy features.

4. Perfect Health is Not a Requirement

Perfect health is not a requirement to purchase $50,000 of no exam life insurance.

Really, the acceptable health rates are fairly lenient for up to about $500,000 of no exam life insurance.

No exam life insurance is especially ideal for someone who:

  • Has not had a physical for more than 2 years
    • Life insurance carriers will be concerned if you haven’t had a checkup recently.
    • If you haven’t had a doctor’s visit lately, it’s possible something will show up on your lab work unexpectedly (i.e. elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar).
      • Some lab results can place you in a different health class, causing your premiums to rise.
  • Has multiple health concerns
    • If you have multiple minor health concerns, it’s possible that no exam life insurance will be a better route to go because the underwriting process uses less scrutiny.

For sure, the lowest premium rates will be available to those that are in excellent health. Yet, even if your health is less than perfect, no exam life insurance may be a great fit.

5. Instant Approval is Possible

Often, applicants need to secure life insurance in a hurry.

No exam life insurance can shave weeks off of the application turnaround time. In fact, some no exam carriers provide application decisions within minutes.

Common reasons to require a fast application process include:

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing

$50,000 of life insurance might make all the sense in the world. Ask yourself:

  1. Will $50,000 provide adequate financial protection for my loved ones?
  2. Do I have no interest in being poked with a needle?
  3. Would it be better to purchase life insurance quickly?

How to Apply for No Exam Life Insurance

There are two things you need to do in order to secure the best policy you qualify for:

1. Collaborate with an independent agent (that’s us)

  • Here’s why: It’s important to not apply with a specific life insurance company. Why? Should something concerning show up on your application, such as a medical condition, that information could be available to other life insurance companies.
  • An independent agent is not held captive to a particular carrier. They have your best interest at heart and will do the shopping for you.

2. Prepare

  • Be ready to answer your phone interview questions.
  • By having your medical history, medications, occupation, and lifestyle information readily available, your application process is streamlined.

To get started, simply fill out an instant quote.