Kemper Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance: Detailed Guide

Kemper Life, a subsidiary of the Kemper family of companies, offers life insurance coverage that is guaranteed to be issued. They have been selling policies for over 100 years.

Before you buy, it’s important to have a clear understanding of Kemper’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance product details, because there is no one-size-fits-all policy.

Here, you will find an unbiased independent review, including Kemper’s positives, negatives, and quotes, so that you can determine if it’s the right life insurance policy for you.

Table Of Contents

  1. About Kemper
  2. Guaranteed Issue
  4. Fine Print
  5. Next Steps

Kemper Life Insurance Company

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Kemper Life is a subset of the Kemper Corporation, a comprehensive insurance holding company. (Kemper Corporation headquarters are in Chicago, IL.)

Originally named Unitrin, Inc. and founded in 1990, the company changed its name to Kemper in 2011.

Their operations include three divisions: property and casualty, specialty property and casualty, and life and health insurance.

The Kemper family of companies is one of the nation’s leading insurers. With $12 billion in assets, Kemper is improving the world of insurance by offering personalized solutions for individuals, families and businesses.

– Kemper Life

Specific to life insurance, Kemper Life provides term and permanent coverage, including a guaranteed issue product.

NoteReserve National Insurance Company issues Kemper’s guaranteed issue life insurance policies.

Financial Strength Rating: A- (A.M. Best)

Interesting fact: Kemper Home Service Companies strives to provide insurance protection to modest-income households and uses a direct person to person model.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue

First, let’s start by defining guaranteed issue life insurance. Guaranteed issue is a type of no exam whole life insurance. You are promised coverage – regardless of your health and/or lifestyle.

There are no health questions, and you cannot be turned down for coverage.

Important – only consider this form of coverage after other life insurance options are exhausted. It’s expensive and only modest amounts of coverage are available.

Really, we recommend guaranteed issue only as a last resort. Other no exam life insurance options exist.

Common reasons to buy guaranteed issue include:

Let’s consider the details for Kemper’s guaranteed issue life insurance:


You will want to evaluate the following aspects of Kemper’s guaranteed issue product, or any company’s product for that matter before you apply:

  1. Health questions – Do I need to participate in an interview that asks about my health and lifestyle?
  2. Issue ages – What is the age range that qualifies for coverage?
  3. Policy amount – How much life insurance can I buy?
  4. Policy length – How long will my policy last?
  5. No medical exam – What is the underwriting process?

How does Kemper measure up?

1. Health Questions

As with just about all guaranteed issue applications, Kemper does not require you to answer any health questions.

You are not required to answer any questions about your health when applying for this policy.

– Kemper Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Plan

Keep in mind, the simplicity and ease of the application process means your policy will be more expensive.

Because Kemper is accepting all applicants, they are absorbing substantial risk and the cost will be reflected in your premium payments.

2. Issue Ages

You must be between the ages of 40 – 80 to qualify for Kemper’s guaranteed issue.

Coverage beginning at 40 is uncommon. Most guaranteed issue carriers begin coverage at 50. Great Western is another popular carrier that offers guaranteed issue life insurance at age 40.

If you are under 40 years old, be sure to evaluate all of your no physical life insurance options, first.

If you are unable to qualify, consider an accidental death and dismemberment policy until you reach age 40.

3. Policy Amount

Keep in mind, guaranteed issue policy amounts (also called face amounts) are modest in size.

Kemper offers coverage between $5,000 – $25,000, standard amounts for guaranteed issue.

NoteGreat Western does offer coverage beginning at $1,000, all the way up to $40,000.

4. Policy Length

Remember, guaranteed issue is (almost always) a form of whole life insurance. Kemper’s policy is no exception.

As long as you make your premium payments, your life insurance contract will not expire. Additionally, cash value will accumulate and can be borrowed against.

5. No Medical Exam

Guaranteed issue life insurance applications always skip the medical exam. This means no nurses, no liquid samples, no scales, and no blood pressure cuffs.

Underwriting (the process of evaluating risk) is as simple as verifying your basic information and listing your beneficiary. Minutes is all that it takes.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes

Let’s evaluate how much a Kemper policy will cost.

Keep in mind – Kemper is more expensive than other guaranteed issue life insurance companies.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Male 40 - 49 Years

40 Year Old$26.04$47.90$69.78$91.65$113.52
41 Year Old$26.46$48.76$71.05$93.35$115.64
42 Year Old$26.89$49.61$72.33$95.05$117.77
43 Year Old$27.31$50.45$73.59$96.73$119.88
44 Year Old$27.73$51.30$74.87$98.43$122.00
45 Year Old$28.15$52.15$76.13$100.11$124.11
46 Year Old$28.50$52.84$77.17$101.50$125.84
47 Year Old$28.81$53.47$78.12$102.76$127.42
48 Year Old$29.48$54.80$80.10$105.41$130.73
49 Year Old$29.73$55.30$80.87$106.43$132.00
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Female 40 - 49 Years

40 Year Old$22.67$41.18$59.68$78.18$96.69
41 Year Old$23.01$41.85$60.69$79.53$98.38
42 Year Old$23.35$42.53$61.71$80.90$100.09
43 Year Old$23.69$43.21$62.74$82.27$101.79
44 Year Old$24.03$43.90$63.77$83.64$103.50
45 Year Old$24.37$44.57$64.78$84.98$105.18
46 Year Old$24.84$45.51$66.18$86.85$107.52
47 Year Old$25.27$46.39$67.49$88.60$109.71
48 Year Old$26.07$47.98$69.88$91.78$113.68
49 Year Old$26.45$48.72$71.01$93.28$115.56
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Male 50 - 59 Years

50 Year Old$29.96$55.76$81.56$107.35$133.14
51 Year Old$30.79$57.42$84.04$110.67$137.29
52 Year Old$31.57$58.96$86.37$113.77$141.16
53 Year Old$32.29$60.42$88.54$116.67$144.79
54 Year Old$32.96$61.76$90.56$119.35$148.15
55 Year Old$33.58$63.00$92.41$121.84$151.25
56 Year Old$34.59$65.02$95.44$125.87$156.29
57 Year Old$35.53$66.89$98.26$129.62$160.98
58 Year Old$36.40$68.81$100.84$133.07$165.29
59 Year Old$37.44$70.72$103.99$137.26$170.54
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Female 50 - 59 Years

50 Year Old$26.79$49.41$72.05$94.67$117.29
51 Year Old$27.41$50.56$73.89$97.13$120.37
52 Year Old$27.99$51.80$75.61$99.43$123.25
53 Year Old$28.88$53.58$78.29$103.00$127.71
54 Year Old$29.37$54.56$79.75$104.95$130.14
55 Year Old$29.82$55.47$81.12$106.77$132.42
56 Year Old$30.70$57.22$83.76$110.28$136.81
57 Year Old$31.52$58.87$86.23$113.58$140.93
58 Year Old$32.29$60.41$88.53$116.56$144.77
59 Year Old$33.20$62.24$91.28$120.32$149.35
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Male 60 - 69 Years

60 Year Old$38.45$72.73$107.01$141.28$175.56
61 Year Old$39.69$75.21$110.73$146.25$181.77
62 Year Old$41.17$78.17$115.17$152.19$189.19
63 Year Old$42.69$81.22$119.74$158.27$196.79
64 Year Old$44.19$84.21$124.23$164.25$204.27
65 Year Old$45.66$87.15$128.64$170.14$211.63
66 Year Old$48.61$93.05$137.49$181.93$226.38
67 Year Old$51.46$98.75$146.04$193.33$240.63
68 Year Old$54.33$104.48$154.64$204.80$254.96
69 Year Old$57.19$110.20$163.22$216.24$269.25
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Female 60 - 69 Years

60 Year Old$34.09$64.00$93.91$123.83$153.75
61 Year Old$35.24$66.30$97.36$128.43$159.50
62 Year Old$36.58$68.98$101.39$133.80$166.21
63 Year Old$37.95$71.73$105.51$139.30$173.08
64 Year Old$39.01$73.84$108.68$143.52$178.35
65 Year Old$40.34$76.52$112.69$148.87$185.04
66 Year Old$42.09$81.63$120.36$159.10$197.84
67 Year Old$45.48$86.81$128.13$169.45$210.77
68 Year Old$48.03$91.91$135.78$179.65$223.52
69 Year Old$50.28$96.38$142.49$188.60$234.71
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Male 70 - 80 Years

70 Year Old$60.07$115.96$171.86$227.75$283.65
71 Year Old$63.18$122.19$181.20$240.22$299.23
72 Year Old$66.26$128.36$190.46$252.55$314.65
73 Year Old$69.37$134.57$199.77$264.97$330.17
74 Year Old$72.43$140.70$208.97$277.23$345.50
75 Year Old$75.41$146.66$217.90$289.15$360.39
76 Year Old$81.30$158.43$235.57$312.70$389.83
77 Year Old$87.08$169.98$252.89$335.80$418.71
78 Year Old$92.84$181.50$270.17$358.54$447.50
79 Year Old$98.48$192.79$287.10$381.40$475.70
80 Year Old$104.11$204.04$303.98$403.92$503.86
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Kemper Guaranteed Issue Quotes: Female 70 - 80 Years

70 Year Old$52.55$100.93$149.32$197.70$246.08
71 Year Old$55.09$106.01$156.93$207.85$258.77
72 Year Old$57.60$111.03$164.47$217.90$271.34
73 Year Old$60.43$116.69$172.95$229.22$285.48
74 Year Old$63.22$122.29$181.34$240.40$299.46
75 Year Old$65.94$127.71$189.48$251.25$313.02
76 Year Old$71.49$138.82$206.14$273.47$340.80
77 Year Old$76.38$148.58$220.79$293.00$365.21
78 Year Old$81.76$159.36$236.96$314.55$392.15
79 Year Old$86.87$169.57$252.26$334.96$417.67
80 Year Old$92.70$181.22$269.75$358.28$446.82
Quotes are samples only. Subject to change.

Note – rates may not be applicable in all states.

Fine Print

It’s best to know the fine print of Kemper’s guaranteed issue policy.

Remember, Kemper utilizes its Reserve National Insurance Company to issue life insurance policies.

  • The policy has a graded death benefit. After two years, your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit.
  • The full death benefit will be paid – even if it’s within the graded period – if death occurs from a qualifying accident.
  • For a non-accidental death that occurs during the first two years, your beneficiary receives 120% of your premiums paid.
  • Smokers do not pay more in premiums.
  • Your policy will never be canceled as long as you pay your premiums.
  • Your premiums will never increase.
  • Only one insured person is allowed per policy.
  • The policy cannot be issued to replace an existing life insurance contract.
  • Your plan may be written in combination with other coverage.

Key points about the Kemper Corporation:

  1. They focus on modest-income individuals and families to offer life insurance coverage.
  2. There are more than 6 million policyholders.
  3. Over $8 billion in assets exist.
  4. Kemper employs over 6,500 associates.

Other Options

That said, you will want to do your homework to cost-compare. Generally speaking, Kemper costs more than other top-rated carriers.

We recommend you evaluate the following guaranteed issue companies:

Next Steps

But first, plan to do a couple things:

  1. Talk to an independent agent. Why? They have access to multiple carriers and multiple quotes. You will receive unbiased advice to help you find the best policy at the best price.
  2. Prepare. Have your important information ready to communicate, including your personal history and financial needs. That way, we can determine who to apply with.

Simply fill out our free quote.